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Not resolved Akash Karma: is hides behind the name Keisha Gomes

If you are in Canada, contact asap! Criminal Intelligence Analytical Unit RCMP ( Royal Canadian Mounted Police ) Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (Phonebusters) Telephone l Tlphone - (705) 494-3620 Remember to send the counterfeit confirmation to Visa or M/C once I give it to you so you qualify for your refund It is important that we get as much of the information requested below or the confirmation will be delayed even longer. Please read carefully. If you are reporting a counterfeit purchase make sure you have followed the steps below and ensure the appropriate information is or has been forwarded to me; 1 - Call the phone number on the back of your credit card and report the suspected counterfeit, you are entitled to a 100% refund if the product is proven counterfeit.

2 - Provide the CAFC with the merchant name. If unknown, ask the credit card company for the merchant name listed on your statement. 3 - Provide the CAFC with the complete web site name (address/url) and the brand name product you ordered. 4 - Please send the CAFC the date and amount of purchase.

5 - Forward to the CAFC the name and address of the shipper if you receive(d) the product. Also the method of delivery.

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